A Mission's Burden

Norman Manzon

Dear Friends,

As editor of The Shofar, it has fallen to me to write these few words. However, even as I write, I do not feel worthy, but I must continue.

There is much material poverty in Israel, not just among Arabs, but among Jews and other ethnicities, and it has been on the rise in recent years. At our Virginia conference in July of this year, George Wehnes informed us of a work in Israel whose mission it is to minister to the material and spiritual needs of Israel's materially needy. Founder and Director of Rescue Israel, George Wehnes spoke to us of significant strides in unifying Israeli congregations of various ethnicities and doctrinal persuasions to meet the needs of Israel's poor. The photos below show the need. Rescue Israel's website,, is far more eloquent than I can be or have a right to be in this area of ministry.

Bless you as you consider these photos and Rescue Israel's mission before the Lord. Perhaps the Lord would have you to come beside them in prayer, financial support, or even direct ministerial involvement.